About TwoCentsPress' biological extravirgin olive oil (pdf in Italian)

The historic center of Serrazzano (the oval shape on the left in this picture) has no commercial activities and is scarcely inhabited.

Beside the few locals who live in the historic center
all year round, there are a few outsiders - mostly artists (a pianist, several visual artists, two sculptors, two architects, a music critic, a witer, an art gallery curator from Florence and one from Cologne) - who have purchased properties in the historic center and come to spend some weeks in Serrazzano at different times of the year. They come from Hungary, Switzerland, the US, Germany and other parts of Italy. With their presence and their guests they add a certain cosmopolitan flair to the village and opportunities to socialize.

Modern Serrazzano (population 350) lies on the East of the castle. It has one grocery store (L), two butcher shops (J,M), two bars (I,B), one pharmacy (K) (with one MD visiting three days a week), one post office (C) (open three days a week), one bank (E), one newsstand (F), one pizza place (D) (open on weekends), and one hairdresser (A).
Various merchants (selling vegetables, fish, household items, clothing and a drycleaner) open shop one day a week in the new village square (H).
Next to the village square there is a fountain (G) where one can fill bottles of purified water for free, or sparkling purified water for 5 cents per liter

In Italy, like in the rest of the countries that are still part of the EU, a butcher displays an ID for the animal being sold.
It's a document that tells you all sorts of data on the animal: its race, the date of birth, the sex, the place it was born, where and how it was raised, who sold it, who bought it, when and where it was butchered...
If you read it all, by the time you are ready to make the purchase, it has become almost part of your family..

I say this because once I was shocked reading a document of a veal that was born the same day as my mother..

Public transportation is practically non-existent.
It basically serves only the students who go to school in Cecina (42km. far).
So, one bus connects Serrazzano to Cecina, once a day, at 7:30 am - only on school days – and returns to Serrazzano leaving Cecina at 1:00pm.
When schools are closed (i.e. in the Summer), there is one bus only once a week, on Tuesdays, to serve those who go to the weekly market in Cecina: Serrazzano to Cecina (8:00 am) – Cecina to Serrazzano (1:00 pm).

Then, one might consider renting a car in Cecina where there are a few car rental companies.
Alternatively, from Cecina one could take a taxi for a €80 fare.

Cecina is the second largest town in Maremma (the first one is Grosseto) and has a well serviced railway station with frequent trains to/from Rome, Pisa and Florence. It's located along Via Aurelia, one of the major roads linking Rome to the North of Italy.

Marina di Cecina, Cecina's extension towards the sea, has a beautiful pine forest that stretches 5km. along the sea. It's certainly worth a day trip, especially if one could take advantage of taking a dip into a very welcoming and clean water.

An unfolded twelve page book of cyanotypes of pine needles from Marina di Cecina. It can be folded to form a perfect vcolume: a dodecahedron.

There are many excursions around Serrazzano that one could take: from a few hours to a whole day long.

Short excursions include hikes into one of the three Parks that encircle Serrazzano.
One could jog, bike or even go horseback riding (there are a few such groups), or one could go hunting for rocks (one is allowed a maximum of three pounds or so), or search for mushrooms (in the right season - always ask the locals about them), visit some old mine sites, explore the course of a stream, dip into a fresh or warm pool, photograph the wild life, or simply stroll and enjoy the air and the panorama.

This is the road (off route SP329) that leads to the Forest of Monterufoli. The pictures above were taken at this site on a morning in June.

Or one could go see the restored Rocca Sillana, a medieval stronghold (a 30 min. drive + a 20 min. hike), visit the Geothermal Museum in Larderello (a 15 min. drive) or some of the small villages in the area: Lustignano, la Leccia, Monterotondo, Libbiano, Micciano, Montecerboli, Castagneto Carducci, Bibbona, Monteverdi, Canneto, la Sassa, Casole d'Elsa, Radicondoli, Querceto...

There are many activities that can occupy your time while at TwoCentsPress in Serrazzano.

You can visit nearby archeological excavations such as a restored and imposing fortress that dates back to the time of Caesar, or go to a secluded hot spring active since Etruscan times.

You can visit the geothermal museum in Larderello (great for kids) or dive into one of the naturally heated pools in the area. You can trek trough the otherworldly sites of geothermal activity of  “la valle del diavolo” or hike or bike (with mountain bikes) along the many well-marked trails that crisscross the surrounding national forests where fauna and flora are protected and undisturbed.

You can visit Volterra with its exceptional Etruscan museum and the “Pinacoteca” which houses the masterwork of Rosso Fiorentino - go for a day trip to the seaside, drive to Florence, Siena, or Pisa, shop for fresh produce from Maremma at one of the local weekly markets, enjoy a wine & cheese tasting in the cantina of a nearby vineyard, savor the local beer and food at a brewery or at a number of  “trattorie” in the area.  

In the summer time you can become one of the locals at one of the ubiquitous “feste paesane” and sample their authentic Tuscan food.

In Serrazzano you will always find some generous local who would be happy to share with you the secrets for making home-made pasta or a “cecina” (a kind of pizza made with chick peas).


In Querceto, a 30 min. drive from Serrazzano, on the other side of Foresta Monterufoli, you'll find the best restaurant of the region: La Locanda del Sole from which two of these pictures were taken.

Longer excursions - i.e. one-day trips - might include a visit to Volterra (a less than 1 hour drive), Massa Marittima (less than 1.5 hour), San Gimignano, Siena, or Pisa (1.5 hour), Florence (less than 2 hours), or Lucca (2 hours).
Rome is 3.5 hours away by way of Siena.



Florence is less than a 2 hour drive away from Serrazzano.