We have restored the old carriage house of Villa Beltrami and turned it into a printmaking studio.
The studio (Wi-Fi enabled) is about 1000 sqare feet and, with several windows, is well lit, heated and ventilated.
There is one press room with entrance from piazza della Cisterna, one corridor that functions as a gallery, one bathroom (with shower), one large work-area with an entrance from the private courtyard of Villa Beltrami, and a darkroom.

The press room, with the 28" x 48" press.

The rosin box while it was being built..

The entrance of the studio from piazza della Cisterna.

Rosin crushed in a marble mortar.
There is also an electrical coffee grinder, for those fine rosin powder storms..

An artist at work (Petra Kallio)
facing the courtyard of Villa Beltrami.

Another artist at work in the studio: Doug Collins, teacher, printmaker, nonfigurativephoto blogger.
The door behind him is the door of the darkroom.
In the corner is visible the metal cutter.
At the bottom of the picture, barely visible, is the handle of an old and rare handpress
with a coiled spring.
It will be a great addition to the letterpress facilities that we are planning to set up in the near future in the site of he old frantoio.

The studio is set up for all kinds of intaglio techniques: etching, engraving, aquatint, drypoint, mezzotint, white ground, sugar lift… as well as for copperplate photogravure, for photopolymer plates, not to mention monotypes etc.

Beside a large variety of tools, the equipment includes a 24” x 48” etching press, a large rosin box, two hotplates, a foot operated metal cutter for cutting copper, a UV exposing unit and a large vacuum frame.

Supplies include: mirror finished 18” x 24”copper plates, ferric chloride in different Baumé degrees, rolls of Cape Fear gelatin for photogravure, potassium dichromate for sensitizing the gelatin, halftone screens, a variety of quality printing paper (Magnani), and inks, rollers, hard ground, soft ground, whiting etc.

A large collection of books and manuals on printmaking and photography is also at hand.

Exposing cyanotypes in the courtyard, on the North side of Villa Beltrami.

Taking advantage of the incredible early Spring plant bounty, Finnish artists Aino Toivettula and Petra Kallio
turned the studio into a veritable botanical shop, in preparation of their foray into cianotypes on paper, linen and silk.

The studio has also a well-equipped darkroom with supplies to support all B&W techniques as well as cianotype, chemigrams and more.
Tools/equipment for book binding, and a basic set-up for silksceen is also available.

Assistance and/or instruction on these techniques can be provided by arrangement.

Two 8" x 10" chemigrams depicting The NewYorker's Eustace Telly in the act of taking a selfie. Chemigrams can be figurative too.

Another unfolded twelve page book of cyanotypes of local plants. It can be folded to form a dodecahedron.

Dodecahedrons stacked up in a living room of Villa Beltrami (the one in the middle is made of monotypes) and at the Bohemian National Hall in NYC (Dec. 2015).


The workshop darkroom.