TwoCentsPress - Printmaking in Serrazzano is a unique residency/retreat that offers printmakers an opportunity to live and work in an extraordinary natural setting, in the Metal Hills - the land of green energy - in the Castle of Serrazzano, in the heart of Tuscany.

It's an ideal stop for any printmaker who values peace and wishes to spend some time in a creative environment away from the congestion and the pollution of today’s urban settings.

TwoCentsPress is a project created by Franco Marinai (visual artist) and Anna K. Thorsdottir (architect).
They spend their time between New York City and Serrazzano.

The red door on the south wall is the entrance to the ancient oil-mill,
now the site of a new multifunctional space for artists of different disciplines.
It will include a letterpress workshop.

Looking south from the oil-mill.

At the center of the village, what used to be the gendarmerie is now vacant.

At very reasonable prices, printmakers have unlimited 24/7 access to a workshop FULLY EQUIPPED FOR ALL INTAGLIO PRINTMAKING TECHNIQUES and B&W PHOTOGRAPHY and are lodged - with their guests - in a luminous independent apartment on the top floor of historic Villa Beltrami.

If you are an experienced printmaker, you can go to the atelier, get quickly acquainted with the space and start working on your own as soon as you get to Serrazzano.

If you are new to the printmaking world, want to refine your skills, or are interested in learning a new technique,
TwoCentsPress will provide you with instruction/assistance on the technique of your choice.

  Instruction and technical assistance can be given in any of the following specialties:
aquatint, chine colle',
copperplate photogravure, cyanotype, drypoint, engraving, etching, mezzotint, photopolymer gravure,
the chemigram (what is it?)
and more...

At the moment we are working on setting up a letterpress workshop in the old oilmill of the castle (the red door in the top picture) with the addition of a 10" x 15" Heidelberg Windmill.

Request additional info at
For info and costs of printmaking classes: or (classes in pdf format)

The atelier, once the carriage house of Villa Beltrami, is accessed through the private courtyard of the Villa.

You can use the courtyard at your leisure to work, relax or hang around in.

To apply, send us an email addressed to indicating:
- desired time and length of stay (and number of persons);
- what your interests are (what project/techniques you plan to be involved with) and if you will need assistance or instruction.
Please attach sample images of your work or a link to a website featuring your work, and feel free to ask any questions.
We will get back to you promptly, answering your questions or upon reviewing the application.

“The TwoCentsPress residency at Serrazzano is a magnificently inspiring and relaxing haven. The peace and beauty of the place prompts creativity unlike anywhere else, and the hospitality is unmatched. A true retreat for artists hoping to get work done, and a spectacular vacation for the spirit.”
(5/13/18) writers Rebecca Dinerstein and John Knight

“Working together with Franco is a wonderful experience. He leads you to the process of cyanotype printing and showed us the beauty of nature and oldest way of photography. The beautiful village, tasteful lunch and working in a well-equipped atelier made this day for us perfect. Highly recommended.”
(4/2018) Helen from Nijmegen, Netherlands

Frequently Asked Question:
While in Serrazzano, what is there to do beside working in the printmaking workshop?

There are many activities that can occupy your and your companions' time while at TwoCentsPress.

You can visit nearby archeological excavations such as a restored and imposing fortress that dates back to the time of Caesar where in the Summer time a number of classical music concerts are held; or go to a secluded and little known hot spring active since Etruscan times.
You can visit the geothermal museum in Larderello (great for kids) or dive into one of the naturally heated pools in the area. You can trek trough the otherworldly sites of geothermal activity of  “la valle del diavolo” or hike or bike (with mountain bikes) along the many well-marked trails that crisscross the surrounding national forests where fauna and flora are protected and undisturbed.
You can visit Volterra with its exceptional Etruscan museum (with the famous Giacometti-like "shadow of the evening") and the “Pinacoteca” which houses the masterwork of Rosso Fiorentino; go for a day trip to the seaside; drive to Florence (an hour and a half), Siena, or Pisa; shop for fresh produce from Maremma at one of the local weekly markets (Tuesdays in Cecina, Thursdays in Pomarance); enjoy a wine & cheese tasting in the cantina of a nearby vineyard (Tenuta di Canneto, or the Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia - just over half an hour away); savor the local beer and food at a geothermal brewery or at a number of  “trattorie” in the area.
In the summer time you can become one of the locals at one of the ubiquitous “feste paesane” and sample their authentic Tuscan food.

And in Serrazzano you will always find some generous local who would be happy to share with you the secrets for making home-made pasta or a “cecina” (a kind of pizza made with chick peas).